Company Philosophy

Charles Mertzlufft Fence LLC proudly believes in and follows the following company philosophy:

Although there are many fence manufacturers that offer many different sizes and styles, the vast majority of customers choose one of the two top of the line fences, in 3 or 4 sizes or styles. With twelve years of experience I have often found that when a customer finally does commit to purchasing a fence they are surprised to find that they must wait 5 to 7 weeks before installation.

Our philosophy at “Charles Mertzlufft Fence” is to stock very large quantities of the most popular fence sizes and styles from the two most sought after manufacturers. This allows us to purchase the fence at a deeply discounted price and pass the substantial savings on to the customer (most of the time between 10 and 15 percent). Just as important, it allows us to install the fence in a timely manner whether it is new construction or an existing home.

We stock AFS and the Ameristar Montage steel fence. Both have lifetime paint warranties and are considered superior fences in their respective fields. We also stock some commercial fence and upon a customers request will order and install other brands.

My partner, with 14 years experience installing many different types of fences, has a well deserved reputation and history for doing excellent work with callbacks being almost non-existent. This is uncommon in the fence industry.

Unfortunately, the quality of the fence installation with a practical layout is too frequently overlooked by the customer. Cost, time and proper installation are extremely important to us, and for that reason we are building our company in line with our chosen motto:

“We Do It Right the First Time”

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